Japanese Breakfast Announces Sable Soundtrack, Releases “Glider”


Japenese Breakfast. Photo Courtesy of David Lee via Flickr.

Japanese Breakfast has officially announced the release of the soundtrack to the video game Sable, due Sept. 24 via Sony Music Masterworks. With the announcement, Japanese Breakfast also shared the lead single from the album “Glider.” The soundtrack follows the release of Jubiliee, which she released earlier this year. The video game comes from indie game developers Shedworks and publisher Raw Fury. You can listen to the new song and see the tracklist below.

“I was so lucky Daniel Fineberg and Gregorios Kythreotis from Shedworks invited me onto this game so early on,” said Michelle Zauner, whose voice is featured in the soundtrack in a press release. “I was immediately captivated by the world they’d built, a desert planet filled with mysterious natural and architectural wonders, and the story they’d imagined, one of a young girl coming of age through exploration. It was important to me that each biome in this world felt unique.”

Sable (Original Video Game Soundtrack):

01 Main Menu
02 Glider
03 Better the Mask
04 The Ewer (Day)
05 The Ewer (Night)
06 Eccria (Day)
07 Eccria (Night)
08 Campfires
09 Exploration (Ships)
10 Exploration (Ruins)
11 Exploration (Nature)
12 Beetle’s Nest
13 Glow Worm Cave
14 Pyraustas Ruin
15 Badlands (Night)
16 Hakoa (Day)
17 Hakoa (Night)
18 Sansee (Day)
19 Sansee (Night)
20 Redsee (Day)
21 The Wash (Day)
22 Chum Lair
23 Beetle Detour
24 Machinist’s Theme
25 Cartographer’s Theme
26 Mark Caster’s Theme
27 Mischievous Children
28 Ibexxi Camp (Day)
29 Ibexxi Camp (Night)
30 Burnt Oak Station (Day)
31 Burnt Oak Station (Night)
32 Abandoned Grounds

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