The Killers Share Video From Recording Studio With Unofficially Departed Guitarist David Keuning

The Killers have released a video of the band in a recording studio with guitarist David Keuning, who unoficially left the band in 2017.

Keuning who founded the band in 2001 alongside frontman Brandon Flowers, had previously stopped all work with the group to focus on his solo career. Keuning released his debute solo album Prismism in 2019 and did not appear on the Killers last album Imploding the Mirage.

While he was still listed as a member of the Las Vegas based alt rock band, his departure left many fans wondering if he would ever return.

When asked last August if Keuning had left the band, drummer Ronnie Vannucci stated “I don’t know, to be honest. It was just kind of decided. We didn’t really hear from him”

Dave Keuning performing a solo show live in 2018

The Killers are expected to release a new album in the coming months after sharing an untitled track list alongside comments Flower’s made about having extra material coming out after the release of their latest album Imploding the Mirage.

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