Pixies Annonce Box Set of 2004 Reunion Concerts; Live in Brixton


Photo Courtesy of Pixies.

Pixies have announced a new box set, Live in Brixton, due Jan. 28 on vinyl and CD. The concerts capture the band’s 2004 reunion concert at London’s Brixton Academy. The album consists of songs from Doolittle and Surfer Rosa. There will also be overs of Neil Young’s “Winterlong,” Peter Ivers’ “In Heaven,” the Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Head On,” and more. All of this is newly mastered by Phil Kinrade and Alchemy Mastering. The box set will also include a 24-page booklet, which features photographs and new artwork, along with memories and paraphernalia from audience members, and a fold-out poster featuring the box set artwork. Pixies’ 2004 reunion show happened following the band’s 11-year hiatus.

“It was an amazing reception, I guess they had missed us over all those years,” guitarist Joey Santiago said about the reunion shows. “I particularly remember getting word that the balcony was swaying and seeing that the crowd didn’t want to leave long after we had finished the show. Having played there in the past, the Brixton Academy was a familiar venue, and the shows were a fantastic experience. When I opened with my Scientific Phenomenalist show, I was a Pixie opening for Pixies. I could do no wrong. But, I did! It was an absolute thrill, though, to present it there. All in all, music or magic, the audiences were very kind and receptive and made it a joy to play. Nothing of my experience I would change. Long live the Academy.”

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