Kurt Cobain’s Childhood Home Becomes Historically Significant Site in Washington


1210 E. First Street in Aberdeen. Photo Courtesy of Kaya via Flickr.

Kurt Cobain’s childhood home in Aberdeen, WA, has been approved by the state’s Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation to become a historically significant site. The recent approval puts Cobain’s former home, where he lived from 1968 to 1984, on the state’s Heritage Register. The house of the former Nirvana lead singer was built in 1923, according to the public registry, and is currently co-owned by Lee Bacon. According to Rolling Stone, Bacon plans to recreate the house’s original iterations with plans being “90 to 95 percent” finished. He hopes private tours will be available next spring. On top of Cobain’s childhood home, Bacon also recently acquired a building in downtown Aberdeen he hopes he can turn into a “Tribute Lounge and Gallery Cafe” dedicated to Cobain.

“Generally, we want to be sure that we’re acknowledging that something happened in a childhood home that was significant. In this case, it’s Kurt Cobain, who developed his musical passions and skills in Aberdeen and in that house,” said Allyson Brooks, executive director of the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, to Rolling Stone,  “Everyone on the council recognized the importance of the place.”

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