Foo Fighters Release New Short Film

By: Samantha Eddy
Foo Fighters performing at Sportpaleis in 2018. Photo Courtesy of Freya Goossens via Flickr.

After 466 days without live music, the Foo Fighters were finally able to perform at the Madison Square Garden with full capacity and vaccination in place. The band and the Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. worked together to put together a short film titled The Day Music Came Back. The ten-minute-long film encapsulates footage from their June 20th show, along with behind-the-scenes conversations about how this post-pandemic return to the stage was possible. 

“I’ll tell you something, for the last year I had this reoccurring dream that I would walk on stage and we would look at each other for the first time. We’d just look at each other like ‘Thank God we got here.’ And then, when I walked out on stage tonight, it was just like that f***ing dream,” explains Dave Grohl in the film.

Watch The Day Music Came Back below!

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