Warpaint Is Back with New Song ‘Lilys’

By: Samantha Eddy
(Photo by Debi Del Grande at Lollapalooza / Setlist)

Indie rock band Warpaint has returned with their first song as a group since 2016. ‘Lilys’ wasn’t initially meant to be used as the band’s reintroduction, but they had to force finish it for a new HBO series called Made For Love.

“The HBO show wanted to use it and so that made us finish it faster. And then the label heard it and we were like, ‘Actually, we want to put this out not just have it be on the show.’ It wasn’t like we started writing our album and were like, ‘OK this song is going to be the one we come out with,’ but I’m happy that it’s the one leading the way. The song is asserting itself,” says band member Wayman in an interview with NME.

Check out ‘Lilys’ below!

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