Album Breakdown: Get Excited for Crumb’s Latest, Ice Melt!

By Andrea Lara

Photo Courtesy of Crumb via Instagram

Crumb has just released their new album Ice Melt! That means that it’s time to stop what you are doing or pop in those headphones and turn up the volume because you’re in for something good. The band is made up of Lila Ramani, Jesse Britter, Bri Aronow, and Jonathan Gilad who are based out of Brooklyn. The group met while attending Tufts University and then went on to create indie rock with a psychedelic and dream pop feel to it. They first released singles such as Bones, Vinta, and So Tired in 2016 and then Plants, Recently Played, Thirty-Nine, and my personal favorite, Locket in 2017. As for albums, besides this newest one, they also have Jinx which was released in 2019. If you are new to Crumb and their sound, there are tons of music to get into by them that will completely pull you in. Their sound is creative, especially in the sense that they are experimental with it. From smooth and sometimes eerie guitar riffs to full on instrumental break outs with powerful trills. Each song has something different to offer while all still being very enjoyable. 

Now let’s jump right into the new album:

Ice Melt Album Cover: Courtesy of Crumb

Ice Melt is a ten song album starting with Up & Down. This first song really features the psychedelic tones with a twist towards the end when it turns into a more eerie tone. Lila’s vocals mellow that all out at the same time, creating a well-rounded mystery for what is to come with the album. 

The second song on the album is BNR, and this one was actually released as a single a little before the actual album was released. The best way to describe this song is by imagining yourself laying on soft, green grass with bright sunlight above you. Your eyes are squinted but your body is relaxed and then suddenly you are drifting in midair. The musical shifts in this song, as well as the entire album are nothing but vibes.

The next song is Seeds and first off, the concept behind the lyrics is already worth the listen. Crumb creates a metaphorical image in the place of simple words. Wishing to be a seed in the dirt over the present time is something that can be very relatable to many. Wanting things to be taken back to a different time, such as in this case, before things were taken for granted, is a situation that many of us can understand. This is especially true for those coming of age and in the process of self-discovery. As an indie band, Crumb is doing just that, self-discovery as independent musicians. As for the sound of this song, it holds more of the eerie/mellow tones that we know and love Crumb for. There are also some of those great indie famous guitar whines that really set the mood. This song also features some amazing vocals.          

Another great song from this album is Gone. This one swaps out of the heavier eeriness and is a feather-like flow of sound. One thing that will never disappoint with Crumb’s music is their instrumentals. This song reveals the band’s musical abilities with their guitarists, drummers, and all that extra good stuff that comes together. Going into the end of the song, we have these uplifting beats that that leave you with comforting closure to the song. 

The song that follows is Retreat! and it starts off with more uplifting instrumentals that really place you into the groove. Out of all ten songs, this one has to be the wispiest with its chill tones and silver-tongued vocals. 

Trophy comes next on the album and this one really puts Lila’s vocals on the spotlight. The instrumentals are soft and sweet with a few flares here and there with the vocals following the same energy.

Lastly, the song that named the album, Ice Melt. This song is said to be the closest thing to a lullaby out of the full album. It really is something similar to a lullaby’s sound but with the Crumb experimental ambiance. This song could pleasantly float at the tip of your finger with its dreamy sounds. It definitely closes off the entire album while holding its integrity. 

For more on Crumb, visit their website.             

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