Dinosaur Jr. Share Second Single “Garden” from Upcoming Album


J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. playing guitar. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

Dinosaur Jr. seems very excited about their upcoming album, Sweep It Into Space, which is April 23 via Jagjaguwar. So much so that they have shared another single from the upcoming album, titled “Garden.” Founding member and bassist Lou Barlow wrote this song while he and his wife, Adelle Barlow, directed the music video. Check out the video below, also featuring illustrations by John Moloney and animation by Chloe Hemingway.

“Everyone seemed to want a disruption in the order of American life, it seemed necessary,” said Lou Barlow regarding the newly released song. “Then it happened. It began as a bitter lamentation but as I was finishing the lyrics, singing over the instrumental version of the song while driving to J [Mascis]’s through the miles of farmland that separate his studio in Amherst and my home in Greenfield (Massachusetts), I saw a sign on a shed: Back to the Garden. I was looking for a resolution, where do we go when faced with such dramatic confusion? Back to basics, back home, back to the garden. Luckily I was able to complete the vocals and instrumentation for the song just before the quarantine.”

Dinosaur Jr. is set to go on tour later this year, making them one of the first major rock bands to announce a tour since the pandemic started.

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