Lord Huron Share New Music; Announce Upcoming Album


Ben Schneider of Lord Huron. Photo Courtesy of Andy Witchger via Flickr.

Lord Huron has announced their fourth studio album Long Lost, which will be released on May 21 via Republic Records. On top of this announcement, the band also released a new single, “Mine Forever,” along with a music video directed by Anthony Wilson.

For true fans of Lord Huron, who don’t only know the band for the song “The Night We Met,” this is no surprise. Throughout the pandemic, the band has played a few unreleased songs through their live stream series Alive from Whispering Pines. There, they played “Mine Forever,” as well as another new song, “Not Dead Yet.” Both songs were released today, along with a lengthy letter from Mr. Tubbs Tarbell (a character from their live stream series) explaining the process of creating “Mine Forever.”

“I gave the boys a good round of applause before they launched into a real sunset of a song they called ‘Mine Forever,’ a swingin’, full-on heart-renderer with a bubbly sound,” the letter read. “All of a sudden I heard handclaps and female voices—I swear those ladies must have risen up outta the floorboards! Never saw ’em come in, and didn’t see ’em leave. That’s just the magic of the Pines, I suppose. Door knockin’s for strangers.”

Lord Huron is playing a show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in June, and fans can expect more tour dates to come once more people are vaccinated. Until then, you can pre-order the album here and watch the official music video of “Forever Mine” below.

Long Lost tracklist:

1. The Moon Doesn’t Mind
2. Mine Forever
3. (One Helluva Performer)
4. Love Me Like You Used To
5. Meet Me in The City
6. (Sing For Us Tonight)
7. Long Lost
8. Twenty Long Years
9. Drops in the Lake
10. Where Did the Time Go
11. Not Dead Yet
12. (Deep Down Inside Ya)
13. I Lied
14. At Sea
15. What Do It Mean
16. Time’s Blur

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