Green Day Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Album ‘Insomniac’ With Deluxe Edition

BY: Samantha Eddy
(Photo by Ed Vill – flickr)

Released in 1995, Green Day’s album Insomniac is celebrated with a deluxe edition including unreleased live tracks for its 25th anniversary. 

Insomniac is finally old enough to rent a car (or whatever else you can do when you’re 25, we’re not lawyers) so we remastered it to celebrate, and we’re throwing in some bonus goodies to boot,” says Green Day.

Out now, Insomniac deluxe edition is on translucent orange double vinyl and includes the original 14 songs, along with 8 live tracks performed by Billie Joe Armstrong and company on March 26th, 1996 during a show in Prague.

You can listen to the reissue here.

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