Lightning Bug Announce New Album; Share Single with Animated Video


Lightning Bug (Band). Photo Courtesy of Luke Clerkin via Facebook.

Indie rock band Lightning Bug is back with the announcement of their third album, A Color of the Sky, released on June 25 via Fat Possum. This album follows the New York-based band’s 2019 October Song, and their debut album Floaters, from 2015. On top of that, Lightning Bug also shared the first single off of the upcoming album, “The Right Thing Is Hard To Do.” Songwriter Audrey Kang shared in a statement how personal it was to create this song, and how she used that vulnerability to reflect on society.

“Here I wanted to connect how the struggles and flaws within the individual are mirrored in the greater problems of society,” Kang said. “How do we as individuals know we are on the right path? How do we as a society, as a species, know we are on the right path? So I started with myself, and my own struggles, touching on how I hide myself away from other people, on my stage fright, on my inability to be vulnerable, on this feeling I used to have that I needed to prove I was worthy of being alive. Then I tried to connect these struggles outward to global issues like xenophobia, arbitrary borders, the lines we draw between ourselves and the environment, and the ways we sacrifice the health of the planet for human convenience.”

If that wasn’t enough, the band also shared an animated video with the single animated by Melanie Kleid. You can check it out here:

“I want listeners to explore their own interior worlds,” Kang said about the upcoming album. “It’s about learning to trust yourself, about being deeply honest with yourself, and about how self-acceptance yields a selfless form of love.”

Here is the Full Tracklist for A Color of the Sky:

  1. The Return
  2. The Right Thing Is Hard To Do
  3. September Song, pt. ii
  4. Wings of Desire
  5. The Chase
  6. Song of the Bell
  7. I Lie Awake
  8. Reprise
  9. A Color of the Sky
  10. The Flash

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