Serj Tankian Shares New Music Ahead of Upcoming EP


Serj Tankian performing at a concert at an unknown date. Photo Courtesy of Vladimir Petkov via Pexels.

Serj Tankian, the Armenian-American frontman of System of a Down, has teased us just days before his new EP with some new music. First, the musician released “Elasticity” earlier this month, expected to be on his upcoming album with the same name, due on March 19. According to Spin, the title track song was initially intended to be a System of a Down song. You can check it out here:

More recently, the singer shared a teaser on his Twitter of another single, “Electric Yerevan.” Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Here’s a teaser of Electric Yerevan from the Elasticity EP. It was written in 2015 inspired by the Electric Yerevan protests in Armenia, where people reacted to a proposed hike in electricity prices by the government. The price hike was scrapped and the people prevailed.

“Armenia & Artsakh have a rich history of protest movements pushing for greater justice and democracy and despite the traumatic situation in Armenia and Artsakh now, we should be proud of the lessons learned that we can share with others universally. #ElasticityEP #ElectricYerevan” 

The rocker told Full Metal Jackie that he already has plans to release another EP following Elasticity and a 24-minute piano concerto.

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