The Wrecks Release New Single ‘I Want My Life Back Now’


The Wrecks. Photo Courtesy of The Wrecks via Facebook.

Los Angeles-based alternative rock band The Wrecks have released a new single that anyone can relate to. The single, “I Want My Life Back Now,” follows their 2020 EP Static, which featured four tracks with all different styles. Though positive and upbeat, this single resonates with the listener by stressing the desire to have someone or something back to the way it was. One year into the pandemic, it’s safe to say we all would like some aspects of our lives to return to normalcy. However, that’s not what the song is about, according to lead singer Nick Anderson.

“Contrary to the suspiciously timely nature of the song’s title, ‘I Want My Life Back Now’ is not a Covid-19 cash-grab. Although, if you can imagine going through a break-up in the middle of an already devastatingly lonely global pandemic, this song might resonate a bit.”

You can listen to the song here:

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