Wolf Alice Tease The Release Of New Music

Wolf Alice have teased the release of new music with a cryptic message on their website (see below). The message contains a picture of an eye with ‘The Last Man On Earth’ written below- speculated to be the name of new material from the group. The visual has also appeared as sponsored social media posts.

The group promised new material was on the way back in November of 2019, then in January of 2020 the head of their record label ‘Dirty Hit’ announced that the group would spend the first half of the year working on new music.

“It’s going well,” Dirty Hit record label head Jamie Oborne said of Wolf Alice’s work on new material at the time. “The guys are just writing. The demos are pretty well formed, we’ve settled on a producer and they’ll be starting in about a month’s time. It’s going to be amazing. They’re an incredible band already but seem really inspired to make their best album.”

It remains to be seen what exactly Wolf Alice has in the works, but it looks incredibly promising for fans that they will see new music sometime very soon.

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