Arcade Fire’s Sarah Neufeld Announces The Release of New Solo Album

Arcade Fire violinist and composer Sarah Neufeld has announced the release of a new solo album Detritus, which will come out on May 14th via Paper Bag Records.

Neufeld has also released the first single from the track ‘Stories’, which you can listen to below. “Stories [is about] the stories we’ve told ourselves that we can no longer believe,” Neufeld said in a press release.

The new album will be Neufeld’s third solo album release, following Hero Brother (2013) and Never Were The Way She Was (2016). Both previous albums received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both critics and listeners, with her upcoming release expected to garner the much same praise.

Detritus Track List:

01 Stories
02 Unreflected
03 With Love and Blindness
04 The Top
05 Tumble Down the Undecided
06 Shed Your Dear Heart
07 Detritus

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