The 1975 Tease New Music Under The Band’s Old Name Drive Like I Do

The 1975 have teased the release of new music under the bands old name Drive Like I Do. The news comes after band frontman Matt Healy teased the idea that they could release new music under one of the bands old moniker’s this past December.

The band shared the following video to social media under the name Drive Like I Do- which they have described as a separate entity from the 1975.

Replying to a fan who said they wanted to see a new Drive Like I Do record Healy appeared to confirm a new album is on the way when he replied “Ok”. Healy also previously stated “I’m getting the old stuff remastered and I’m basically going to put out the first album, the album that never was released”.

Healy added “And then we’ll follow that up with a new album. There’s so much Drive Like I Do stuff that was great that there’s not even demos of, so I’m going to record those songs and put them out with the two records that do kind of technically exist in the world”.

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