Paul McCartney Releases Highly Anticipated Album ‘McCartney III’

Paul McCartney has released his highly anticipated album McCartney III today (December 18th). The album comes as follow up to his McCartney (1970) and McCartney II (1980) albums, both of which received overwhelmingly positive critical acclaim and were certified platinum and gold in the U.S. respectively.

The album which was written and recorded in Sussex, England during quarantine comes in at 44 minutes and 42 seconds. Like previous McCartney albums, Paul recorded all the instrumentation himself, playing guitar, drums, bass, synthesizer, mellotron, recorder, harpsichord and piano as well as recording the vocals.

McCartney III – track list

  1. Long Tailed Winter Bird
  2. Find My Way
  3. Pretty Boys
  4. Women and Wives
  5. Lavatory Lil’
  6. Slidin’
  7. Deep Deep Feeling
  8. The Kiss of Venus
  9. Seize the Day
  10. Deep Down
  11. Winter Bird/When Winter Comes

The album has been met with much initial critical acclaim, receiving a metacritic (which offers a normalized average rating of all reviews) of 82/100. You can listen to the full album here.

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