Taylor Hawkins and Matt Cameron form new side project Nighttime Boogie Association

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins and Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron have announced they are forming a new band- Nighttime Boogie Association. The two became friends over the past several decades, both being drummers in two of the biggest rock bands of the time. They began collaborating shortly after the Chris Cornell Tribute Concert last year.

In addition to announcing their new project, the duo released their first two song, “Long in the Tooth” and “The Path We’re On”, which you can stream here.

“We’re doing this for fun,” Hawkins said of the collaboration, “Me and Matt aren’t planning on buying any mansions off of this.” Hawkins was also quick to give praise to Cameron however, “He’s in my top 10 all-time drummers. He’s so precise, yet still such a rock drummer. It’s hard to do that.”

The group was originally going to call themselves Casanova and the Sunshine Machine until realizing there was a rapper by the name Casanova. Not wanting to face legal trouble or a publicity nightmare due to the rapper’s recent criminal charges, the two settled on their current name instead, one that Hawkins had thought up and kept on the back-burner of potential band names.

The two drummers obligations for their other bands have put working together on hold for the moment, but they are hoping to get back to working together soon.

“We’re passing demos back and forth and we’re hoping to put out more music in the next six to eight months,” Cameron says. “We definitely have plans to do more in the future, but they’re not definite plans.”

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