Courtney Barnett Introduces an Interactive Stem Mixer

By: Samantha Eddy
Courtney Barnett performing in 2018. Photo Courtesy of Eric de Redelijkheid via Flickr.

Courtney Barnett is trying out something new with the release of an “interactive stem mixer” on her website. The new feature allows fans and followers to not only listen to tracks from her LP Things Take Time, Take Time, but also experiment with the sounds and change the tracks up a bit. Users are able to use this new feature for tracks ‘Rae Street’, ‘Before You Gotta Go’, and ‘Write A List Of Things To Look Forward To’. 

The interactive stem mixer was designed by professionals Raphael Ong and Sean Lim and is made up of sliders that users can adjust to change the volume of various instruments and vocals. Barnett revealed that more songs will be added to this feature later on, but for now, try out the mixer on Courtney Barnett’s official website

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