David Bowie to Release Lost Album Toy, Shares New Song


David Bowie. Photo Courtesy of Roger Woolman via Wikimedia

David Bowie created an album in 2001 titled Toy but never released it to the public due to issues with his record label. Now, the singer is preparing to posthumously release the album as part of his latest reissue campaign. The album will contain a mix of new songs and recordings of lesser-known tracks from 1964 – 1971. Toy was recorded live in the studio following Bowie’s 2000 Glastonbury performance. Fans can expect the album to be released on Nov. 26. On top of that, Bowie’s estate has released a re-recording of his third single, “You’ve Got a Habit of Leaving.” You can watch the music video and see the tracklist below.

Toy is like a moment in time captured in an amber of joy, fire, and energy,” co-producer Mark Plati said in a statement. “It’s the sound of people happy to be playing music. David revisited and re-examined his work from decades prior through prisms of experience and fresh perspective—a parallel not lost on me as I now revisit it twenty years later. From time to time, he used to say, ‘Mark, this is our album’—I think because he knew I was so deeply in the trenches with him on that journey. I’m happy to finally be able to say it now belongs to all of us.”


01 I Dig Everything
02 You’ve Got a Habit of Leaving
03 The London Boys
04 Karma Man
05 Conversation Piece
06 Shadow Man
07 Let Me Sleep Beside You
08 Hole in the Ground
09 Baby Loves That Way
10 Can’t Help Thinking About Me
11 Silly Boy Blue
12 Toy (Your Turn to Drive)

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