Ezra Furman Releases Brand New EP for Netflix Show “Sex Education”

By: Samantha Eddy
Ezra Furman posing for a photoshoot in 2017. Photo Courtesy of Burak Cingi via burakcingi.co.uk.

On September 17, the third season of Sex Education became available for streaming. Ezra Furman was selected to make the music for this new season, so she concocted a five-song EP to go with the show. 

As Furman has also made songs for other seasons, she has her own strong opinion. “The release of this show feels like a triumph. There were so many obstacles to making art during the pandemic. Nonetheless, my three bandmates and I found a way, in late summer 2020, to collaborate with Oli and the Sex Education team, partly in person and partly across long distances, to play a small part in making another season of a great, original, and vital TV show. I’m proud of this music and I feel so lucky to be involved in Sex Education,” Furman states. 

Be sure to check out Sex Education on Netflix, and the EP track list below!

Sex Education: Songs from Season 3:

  • 01 Trans Mantra
  • 02 Going to Brighton
  • 03 Frying Pan
  • 04 Mysterious Power
  • 05 Don’t Turn Your Back on Love

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