Kings of Leon Become First Band to Send an NFT to Space

By: Samantha Eddy
Kings of Leon performing at the 02 London in 2009. Photo Courtesy of Stew Dean via Flickr.

Having been one of the first bands to get involved with NFTs, Kings of Leon will become the first band to ever send one to space! In an issue of People Exclusive, the group announced the historic milestone that is about to take place, along with informing fans that the NFT is now up for auction, with bidding staring at $50,000. All proceeds will be going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

This particular NFT is a live recording of the band’s song ‘Time in Disguise’ from their album When Do You See Yourself. The recording will be downloaded onto an iPhone (which will be given to the winner of the auction as well), along with some footage of the live performance and artwork, which will be given to astronaut Hayley Arceneaux, who will then take in into space later this month when she goes on-board SpaceX’s Inpiration4. Arceneaux, who was treated for cancer at St. Jude when she was younger and now a physician assistant at the same hospital, will play the track while in orbit. 

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