New Indie and Alternative Album Releases – July 23, 2021


Records in a record store. Photo Courtesy of Markus Spiske via Pexels.
Records in a record store. Photo Courtesy of Markus Spiske via Pexels.

On Fridays, the world is blessed with new music from a handful of artists. To help you find your next favorite album, we’ve discovered what new alternative and indie albums have been released. This week’s notable artists include Brittany Howard and Nothing but Thieves. Check out the list below:

Brittany Howard – Jaime Reimagined

Brittany Howard, the lead singer of Alabama Shakes, has released a remix album to her 2019 debut solo album, Jaime. The new album, called Jaime Reimagined, will feature a handful of artists from different genres, including Common, Childish Gambino, Bon Iver, and Little Dragon. Although some of the artists are not indie or alternative, they are remixing Howard’s songs into their own, which could make for some interesting music, regardless of your musical taste. A vinyl copy of the album will be released on September 24. You can find more information and order pre-order the vinyl here.

“Making Jaime was so much fun for me because I was able to explore so many different genres of music,” Howard said in a statement. “There were no rules. This reimagination project has been no different. I have been honored to have so many incredible artists from all musical worlds interpret my songs in such interesting and different ways.” 

The Jungle Giants – Love Signs

Australian indie rock band The Jungle Giants have released their fourth studio album, Love Signs, via Amplified Music. The band’s previous three albums have all charted in the Australian charts, giving this album some high expectations. In fact, even their most recent singles have polled highly on ARIA Top 100 Singles Chart. The last time the band released a new album was 2017’s Quiet Ferocity.

“We had just come off the road from a big tour, and mainly in America,” guitarist Cesira Aitken said. “We had a lot of time off planned, anyways, so I used it to chill and play guitar. Lockdown went pretty quick for me.”

Leon Bridges – Gold-Diggers Sound

Although technically soul, we believe Leon Bridges will have any indie/ alternative fan turning up the radio when he comes on. The Atlanta-native has released his third studio album, Gold-Diggers Sound, through Columbia Records. Gold Diggers is a bar, hotel, and recording studio off the famed Sante Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles. This record has also been very highly anticipated, largely because of Bridges’ success in previous years. His debut album Coming Home reached number 6 in the US charts, while his sophomore album, Good Thing, reached number 3. Bridges also released two songs this year already, “Like a Ship” and “Motorbike.” The latter had reached number 3 in the US charts and is featured on this album. Fans can see Leon Bridges on his massive tour that starts this year but doesn’t end until May of next year.

“I discovered Gold Diggers in 2018. We threw a pre-party there with my friend, DJ Sober,” Bridges told Fort Worth Magazine. “It was a Grammy pre-party, and I was totally oblivious to the fact that they had the hotel and studio aspect. We had been working on this album over the course of two years, and we wanted to immerse ourselves into one space where we could live and invite some of our favorite musicians and collaborators to cultivate something special. So, it was just that momentum of literally being in one spot, as opposed to having to commute 30 minutes to a studio on the other side of town.”

Nothing but Thieves – Moral Panic II

Nothing but Thieves has released an EP in response to their highly successful 2020 album Moral Panic. The EP, titled Moral Panic II, only features five songs but will have mastered songs from the initial record. Moral Panic received high praise last year when it was released, reaching number 3 on US charts. Only their 2017 Broken Machine reached a higher position on US charts at number 2.

“Moral Panic II was something we decided to do only after Part I was all mixed, mastered, and the records pressed,” the band said in a statement. “It didn’t feel like we were done with the Moral Panic theme – I think partly because we hadn’t been able to tour the project yet, it didn’t feel right to move on. But we also had the luxury of time to assess the album and explore some avenues we felt the album may have missed. In that way, it was important that Moral Panic II comprised of completely fresh, newly written songs rather than songs that just didn’t wind up making the album, like how a traditional deluxe version would function. There’s a familiarity, but we also really honed in on a new side of the band. Part II really rounds Part I out – the two parts should be enjoyed as one project.”

Polish Club – Now We’re Cookin’

Last but not least, the Australian garage duo Polish Club has released their third studio album, Now We’re Cookin’. This is the first time the band released an album under their own record label, but also with the help of Island Records and Universal. Their first two albums, Alright Alrighty and Iguana, reached number 19 and 20 on Australian charts, respectively. Fans can see them on tour in September and October of this year.

“We ended up writing about 90 songs,” the band said in a statement. “30 the first time, and our manager didn’t go for any. Then we changed tack the second time and got a few more in, and by the last round. We were just writing straight hits. Dave would bring something in and I’d be like ‘It needs more hooks.’ We were ruthless.”

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