James Murphy Confirms LCD Soundsystem are on Full Hiatus


LCD Soundsystem at Cargo on 05/03/07. Photo Courtesy of music like dirt via Flickr.

James Murphy, the lead singer of Brooklyn-based indie electronic band LCD Soundsystem, has announced the band is on a full hiatus after speaking with Marc Maron. The two spoke on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast recently, where Murphy disclosed the status of the band post-COVID-19. During the podcast, Murphy confirmed the band was on full hiatus and had no plans to hit the road or studio any time soon. LCD Soundsystem last released their live in-studio album, Electric Lady Sessions, in 2019 and hasn’t played a show since June 2018. You can listen to Marc Maron’s full podcast episode with James Murphy here.

“We’re not rehearsing,” Murphy told Maron. “We’ll figure something out when the time is right. Right now, we’re on a full hiatus. Because of the nature of the band, when we’re not touring, we’re just, like, back to a normal life completely… Everyone does other stuff. Everyone has their own things going on. So for us to put [a new album] together, we just kind of have to decide to do it,” he added, before saying that he was adamant that he doesn’t “want to go out [on tour] without new music.”

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