Lindsey Buckingham Announces U.S. Tour and Solo Album


Lindsey Buckingham performing with Fleetwood Mac at Atlanta in 2013. Photo Courtesy of Sarah McKagen via Flickr.

Lindsey Buckingham, the former lead guitarist for Fleetwood Mac, has announced his first solo record in almost a decade, following his 2011 debut album, Seeds We Sow. The new album, called Lindsey Buckingham, will be released on Sept. 17 via Reprise. The California guitarist has also shared the first single from the upcoming album, “I Don’t Mind,” along with a tour announcement. Starting in September, Buckingham will tour the U.S. for the entirety of the month, followed by three extra weeks in December. Check out the tour dates and new single below.

“‘I Don’t Mind’, like many of the songs on my new album, is about the challenges couples face in long-term relationships,” Buckingham said in a statement. “Over time, two people inevitably find the need to augment their initial dynamic with one of flexibility, an acceptance of each others’ flaws, and a willingness to continually work on issues; it is the essence of a good long-term relationship. This song celebrates that spirit and discipline.”

Lindsey Buckingham:

01 Scream
02 I Don’t Mind
03 On the Wrong Side
04 Swan Song
05 Blind Love
06 Time
07 Blue Light
08 Power Down
09 Santa Rosa
10 Dancing

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