Good Morning Have Released Two New Singles

By: Samantha Eddy
(Photo by Nicole Busch at El Cid in Los Angeles via HalfnHalf)

Melbourne duo Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons of Good Morning have recently released two new singles: ‘Mollyduker’ and ‘Keep It’. The duo have been making music for over seven years now and have officially “signed their first major American record deal following four full-length albums, an EP that has a runtime longer than three out of four of those albums, and several other A-side single releases,” says Earmilk. 

‘Mollyduker’ has a sentimental background in which Blair explains, “’Mollyduker’ was something my Pa called me whenever we’d be hanging out and working on his farm.” Parsons sings ‘Keep It’, detailing the track with, “repressed feelings, substance misadventure and arrested development in your late 20s.” 

Starting in June, Good Morning will be doing some live shows in Victoria, Australia. 

Check out the new singles below!

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