Courtney Barnett and Vagabon Come Together in Epic Ten To Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Sharon Van Etten’s Album “Epic”

By: Samantha Eddy
(Photo by Pooneh Ghana via Pitchfork)

Out April 16th, Sharon Van Etten has invited Courtney Barnett, who asked for a collaboration with Vagabon, to work on a project, epic Ten, that will celebreate the ten year anniversary of Van Etten’s album Epic. With many other artists covering various components within the track, Barnett and Vagabon have released their cover of ‘Don’t Do It’, which you can watch below. 

“Courtney and I found that we have a beautiful collaborating chemistry when we made our cover of ‘Reason to Believe,’ which came out earlier this year. So when CB asked me to join her in singing ‘Don’t Do It’ by the inimitable Sharon Van Etten, I was thrilled,” says Vagabon. Barnett also made a statement saying, “I was so honored that Sharon invited me to be part of this project…It’s fascinating to hear an artist ruminate on a song that is 10 years old and see how it/they have evolved. I think it’s a beautiful thing to celebrate the journey of a song.”

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