Album Breakdown: Everything You Need To Know About Claud’s Super Monster

By: Andrea Lara

Album Cover: Photo Courtesy of Claud via Instagram

New Album Alert! There is more awe-inspiring music to be discovered in the indie world. Claud’s new album, Super Monster features multiple amazing qualities that should not go unnoticed. With over 888,470 monthly listeners on Spotify, Claud Mintz from Chicago is a rising alternative/indie artist with a voice from dreamlands. Super Monster includes 13 songs which include Overnight, Gold, Soft Spot, In Or In-Between, Cuff Your Jeans, Ana, Guard Down, This Town, Jordan, That’s Mr. Bitch To You, Pepsi, Rocks At Your Window, and Falling With The Rain. The album reveals clever rhyming, smooth instrumentals, and some groovy and psychedelic vibes. Lyric-wise, the reality of them allows for a strong bond between fans based on the relatability. We all search for that song that really connects to our lives at any particular moment, especially when it comes to the topic of these songs. This album is like looking into the uncomplimentary glass of the dating world. With all of its obstacles of falling in love, breaking up, longing for the lost, self-realization/self-worth, and lust. Within these 13 songs, you get it all. You get the breakup blues without the sad-boy hour tones. Here is a little preview of what you’re in for with Super Monster:               

Soft Spot 

Picture yourself with your eyes locked onto the ceiling fan as it continuously spins, mind blank, feelings pounding. Here is the song to puncture your sentiments with. It is calling out to all of the people who are yearning for someone. The vocals and instrumentals pull on your insides like an emotion with its beautifully melancholy sound. It is a great choice for resonating with. 


This first song on the album captures the first instance of a love story. We all know of that excitement with that special someone that you spend time with. The sound is very light but upbeat and warm. Picture yourself walking outdoors while the sun is high, and the heat hugs your skin, ear buds in and this wavy tune pepping your step. With Claud’s sweet voice, the song really tugs you into the feeling that they are expressing. 

Guard Down 

Don’t fall to flat just yet, this tune will revive you with its catchy rhythm and pleasant vocals but with a twist. The pain doesn’t end well but progression stands. With an uplifting style change mid-song, you will be moving your head around to groovy song. Clever rhyming is contagious.       

That’s Mr. Bitch To You 

If you really want to move, this one is for you. Claud allows some extra personality reveals with this one and we should all be living for it. The energy is vibrant and fun with playful vocals and burning lyrics. 

Cuff Your Jeans  

If you need a song to get yourself ready for the day or night, add this one to your playlist. It is definitely a feel good type of sound that can swap your mood. Eagerness and prospect flutter through the realms of this melody.  


This is the song to share with your friends on car rides with the wind whipping in and all through your hair. Bringing back more lyrics to scar, and with unapologetic expressions, Pepsi is full of creativity and charming, vibey instrumentals. After a night of cheap booze and cigarettes, this song will hit like a chest full of tobacco smoke.   

“Super Monster is 13 songs of irresistible charm and a vertiginous but joyous coming-of-age reckoning with young love. A skilled lyricist with an extraordinary gift for writing infectious melodies, Claud sees relationships as games of endless wonder, intrigue and second-guesses; a roller-coaster thrilling you, even when it’s terrifying. From beginning to end, the sparkling tunes capture the assorted stages of a relationship’s delight and dejection – the giddy sensation of a first kiss, the heartsick longing of a pending rejection and the reluctant call for a requisite breakup.” – Posted by Claud on Spotify

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