Skullcrusher Announces New EP ‘Storm in Summer’ with New Single


Storm in Summer EP by Skullcrusher. Photo Courtesy of Skullcrusher via Facebook.

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Helen Ballentine, also known as Skullcrusher, has announced her second EP, Storm in Summer. The album, arriving April 9, will feature the previously released track “Song for Nick Drake.” This comes after the success of her 2020 debut with Skullcrusher EP.

“I wrote ‘Storm in Summer’ after releasing the first Skullcrusher EP,” Ballentine said in a statement. “Over that summer, I thought a lot about what it means to really put myself out there and share something personal. I felt so vulnerable and overwhelmed by the fact that these songs I had written in private were exposed and likely being misinterpreted or disliked. I think the song really tries to communicate these anxieties in a cathartic way while also leaning more into the beauty of relinquishing part of myself.”

With this announcement comes the release of Skullcrusher’s latest single, ‘Storm in Summer.’ This calming indie track is both reflective and poignant. It’s a beautiful melody that really builds the anticipation of this EP even greater. You can listen to it and watch the video below.

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