Vampire Weekend Release New ‘2021’ Reinterpretation EP

Vampire Weekend have released a new EP featuring two reinterpretations of their Father Of The Bride song ‘2021’. The two new versions of the song, recorded by jazz artist Sam Gendel and Connecticut jam band Goose respectively, each last 20:21 in length, giving the EP it’s name 40:42.

You can listen to the two new tracks below.

‘2021’ was originally released in 2019 as the lead single for Father Of The Bride alongside ‘Harmony Hall’. The song is built around a vocal sample of Haruomi Hosono.

Vampire Weekend also recently released their Live From Florida EP, which featured performances of five songs: “Sunflower”, “How Long?”, and “2021” from Father Of The Bride, as well as “A Punk” and “White Sky,” recorded at shows in Miami and St. Augustine.

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