Release Radar: ‘Sea of Noise’ by Callum Pitt

On Friday U.K. artist Callum Pitt released his new single ‘Sea of Noise’ on all major streaming platforms. The song features powerful synth elements gently layered in on top of softer acoustic instrumentation as well as a huge and powerful chorus with an instantly memorable melody. Callum Pitt, who sites artists such as Bon Iver and Bob Dylan as inspirations, describes his music as indie folk with an emphasis on vocal harmonies.

Callum stated about the song, “Sea of Noise alludes to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness while feeling surrounded by quite a lot of negative things. Despite this, it mainly discusses the importance of having a person (or activity) which takes your mind away from that mindset, keeps it away and gives a feeling of having a form of control in life.”

You can stream ‘Sea of Noise’ by Callum Pitt here, or check it out on our Indie Alternative Weekly Playlist.

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