The National Frontman Matt Berninger Releases Debut Solo Album ‘Serpentine Prison’

Standing in the quicksand with a smiling face, I don’t mean to bother, I wouldn’t want to ask no one to take my place, who would take the offer; It’s all for nothing, again

It’s clear from the opening lyrics of any song on Matt Berninger’s debut solo album that the man who has built a career out of extremely powerful and well written lyrics doesn’t disappoint in his latest project.

Berninger’s album “Serpentine Prison” is in many ways exactly what you would both expect and want to hear from the lead singer of indie rock’s most cherished band. Over the course of 10 songs, Berninger creates the same heavy emotional melodies and lyrics over slightly more relaxed and stripped back arrangements compared to his work with his main group.

This album is absolutely a must listen for any fans of The National. While it isn’t a substitute for new music from the group, the album certainly carries appeal for almost any fan. “Serpentine Prison” reveals a new side of Berninger musically, stands on its own without alienating existing fans, and delivers on heartfelt longing and introspection in a historically tumultuous time in the world.

Listen to the full album here

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