Wild, Wild Heart

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Song Lyrics

When it don’t come easy
or it don’t come at all
the borrowed hours, the siren call
The moon hung worthless
like a burned out bulb
The stars just memories no one can ever hold

Like the night I am restless
I am the settling at dawn
I am a bird on the wire
I am an unsung song
I am a dog lost from home
and I am the boy searching
I am color in the dark
I am the wild
wild, wild heart

If time is my captor
and the night is a thief
The past is the past
And the arrow of time is one way street

Like the day I am heavy
I am the evening news
I am the calm before morning
I am the winter blues
I am the roots in the ground
and I am the dirt moving
I am water in the air
and I am the wild
wild, wild heart
Wild, wild heart
Wild heart

About Last Year’s Man

Last Year’s Man is the creation of Eugene, OR based artist Tyler Fortier. After spending nearly a decade working with other artists as a producer, songwriter, and audio engineer, Fortier began working on a project to sell to music publishing company Warner Chappell. After writing the first couple songs of the project, Fortier decided that he didn’t want to give up the material, and instead released the music himself as an album in late 2020 under the name artist Last Year’s Man

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